Read this article if you want to know about ping golf color code, what it is?, what is the meaning of ping color code, how this ping color code system is come into action.

If you are wondering what is the rank of color dots or ping color codes on the back of ping golf clubs than just continue reading. Every golfer has a different physical size, swing tendency and ball flight, so obviously irons have to be customized. Ping golf grips were the first one to be customized other manufacturing companies improvised.

The Ping golf color code actually refers to the lie angle of your iron shaft. Different colors of the ping golf represent different degrees of flatness or upright. As mentioned earlier they were the first golf club manufacturers to come up with this kind of detailed club fitting system. Other golf club brands have improved on it over the years.

The original Ping golf color codes allowed a 10 degree of variation to obtain the lie angle that will fit your height and your swing. For the year 2008, Ping had announced a modification in the dot series with two additional new colors to accommodate a change to a .75 degree variance between the dots as against the earlier one degree variations. The dots of the ping are as follows:


  1. Gold -4 degrees flat
  2. Brown -3 degrees flat
  3. Orange -2 degrees flat (Women’s Std)
  4. Red -1 degree flat
  5. Black 0 degrees (Men’s Standard)
  6. Blue 1 degree upright
  7. Green 2 degrees upright
  8. White 3 degrees upright
  9. Silver 4 degrees upright
  10. Maroon 5 degrees upright


  1. Gold -3.75 deg flat Brown -3.00 deg flat
  2. Orange -2.25 deg flat
  3. Purple -1.5 deg flat
  4. Red – .75 deg flat
  5. Black 0
  6. Blue .75 deg upright
  7. Yellow 1.5 deg upright
  8. Green 2.25 deg upright
  9. White 3.00 deg upright
  10. Silver 3.75 deg upright
  11. Maroon 4.5 deg upright

PING Golf Color Code Chart

So how do you decide which ping golf club color code is good for you?

If you are intending to buy Ping Irons, than you must be wondering how to know which is the best ping color code for you?.

There are many opinions about this but I would like to simply say that the best way to decide which ping golf iron is good for you is by visiting the local store and trying out from wide varieties of pings ad zeroing in to the one which you feel comfortable and confident to use.

After you have chosen the one that suits you, than you can buy from the local store or buy it from online store if you find it cheaper there.

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