If you are looking for information on golf history than make sure you read this article, in this article you will get answers to most frequently asked question on history of golf. Some of the very basic questions like origin of golf, what is the meaning of the word ‘golf’, history of golf rules will come into thoughts of every person who gets connected with the game of golf. Also some of the complex question like history of origin of golf game in various countries will be debated and also try to provide best possible answer.

Origin of the Golf Game

There is lot of debate over origin of the golf game but according to international golf federation the origin of golf can be traced back to rome  at around 100 b.c. . This roman game was known as paganica where the players used bent stick to hit the stuffed leather ball. Also according to chinese history similar game known as ‘chuíw an’was played in china during song dynasty(960 – 1270).

Mordern game of golf is considered to have evolved from Scotland during the middle age period of around 15th century. But this game had no popularity until 19th century when the game reached to the countries like united kingdom (British) and United States of America.

How did the word “golf” originated?

Since  the modern game of golf originated from Scotland, during 14th and early 15th century dutchand scotland had a very good trade through the port. The word ‘golf’ is derived from the dutch word ‘kolf’ or ‘kolve’ which means club, this word became ‘Goff’ or ‘bluff’ and only later in 16th century it was called as ‘golf’ . The term was first mentioned in writing as ‘gouf’ in 1457 on a Scottish Statues as a forbidden game, this game of golf and football was forbidden by Scottish Parliament because it was keeping the soldier away from practicing archery. The word ‘golf’ has not an acronym to anything.

 History of golfing rules

In the early  days golfers used to hit pebbles instead of using balls and hitting it with stick or club. The game of golf evolved as the sport we recognize today only after the year 1750. It was in the year 1774 that the first set of golf rules were introduced. So the foundational or the basic rules of golf were set up by the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. As the games started to evolve the rules of golf were improvised as required specially with respect to golf ball and clubs as we see them today.

How did the game of golf spreads to other parts of world

When James VI of Scotland succeeded the throne of England inghe year 1603, his son and the Prince of Wales used to play golf in Blackheath , London. This is how The Royal Black Heath Golf Club can be traced back. There are lot of evidence that Scottish soldier’s, immigrants and expatriates took the game to British Colonies and other parts of the world during the 18th and 19th century.

There is evidence of early golf interests in United States of America from the advertisement by Royal Gazette published in New York city. Although there are lot of conflicts as to when actually the game of golf started in United States of America but in the year 1894 delegates from various golf clubs in America meet in New York to form United States Golf Association.

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