Bunker Shot Technique

If you are someone looking for golf bunker shots made easy, than you are at the right place. Make sure that you read post about bunker shot technique fully. Hope this article will help you hit better bunker shots and have success in your golf game.

Bunker shots are considered to be one of the easiest shorts in the game of golf. Golf bunker shot is the only shot when you don’t have to hit the ball.

But when you watch most golfers play bunker shot you will get a feeling that this must be one of the difficult shot in golf.

Why are bunker shots hard for beginners and average golfers?

If you observe the players and their shots you will realize that it is difficult because of lack of knowledge. The players do not have proper knowledge of how to play bunker shots properly.

Bunker Shot Technique

Most of the players think that this shot should be played like a pitch shot. This is one of the mistake which golfer make and the short looks much harder than it is. Keep reading as i will be explaining you how to hit bunker shot successfully. You will get to know what setup is required to play bunker shots easy way.

It is not important that when you got out for bunker shot first time or every time you don’t need to have real open alignment. If you want you can have a slightly closed stance but it is fine if you have a square.

The reason i say this is because when you are playing a bunker shot in this new way, you don’t have go for cut across type of swing with big up and down. But with this technique you can have a shallow angle of attack and also have a very shallow divots.

To achieve this you need to also position ball forward in your stance so that it will be inline with your left heel. Also make sure that you setup 60% of your weight on the left side and be in this position throughout the swing.

You need to ensure that the clubface is open, here is a trick, you need to make small adjustment over a normal pitch shot. You need to ensure that at address the clubface should be angled back that too away from the target.

Once all this set up is done than you can just swing and slide the club under the ball. If you hit bunker shots with this new setup than your success rate will much better. Be aware that you need to know many more points about how to hit great bunker shots but all this is not possible to share in one post.

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