Moment you say golf, the picture that comes to our mind is green grass. Golf course is green all around but when you say green it is a technical term. Most of the people going by rules consider ‘green’ to be as putting green.

Actually when you say green it the smooth green area around the hole. It is the part of the area specifically prepared for putting. ‘Green’ in golf is the area around each hole, you will normally find smooth grass, it is also mown down.

Normally the ‘Green’ in golf is of 100sqm to around 500sqm. The reason to have this specially made area is to ensure that the ball rolls smoothly and you use the club called putter to push the ball inside the hole.

Whenever i think of green in golf, the first picture that comes to my mind is the golf club at Eaglewood Resort in Illinois. Checkout the picture below, image source click here.


Look at this beautifull green grass all around. But not every part is called green in golf. In this beautifull photograph you see the light green part which forms the inner circle, you see a person holding flag near hole and other person with club is pushing ball into hole. This light green part around the hole is referred to as green.