In this post you will find Quail lodge and golf course review. This golf review will be based on the quality of golf course service, behavior of the staff, location of golf course, landscape and the golf course quality. Also about quality of accommodation and other services

About Quail Golf Course

Quail golf course has completed half-century mark, it has be given a makeover sometime back and it is an inventive reboot. It has around 93 room that is 77 guestrooms and around 14 suites. It is several miles away from Carmel in the sunny Carmel Valley. This resort is set up in an area of 850 acres. It offers number of walking trails, Land Rover Driving School and 18-hole golf course. Some of the best features are the new lobby with modified front desk, adjacent lounge complete with large-screen TV. All the rooms and suites are considerably spacious with California ranch style decor.

Reviews of Quail Lodge and Golf Course

The golf reviews posted here are compilation of reviews from others websites, peoples who have stayed in Quail lodge have shared their experience.  Opinions expressed are changing with the needs of person staying, the position of room they stay and also the season of their visit.


Staff of Quail lodge has received the most appreciation by the visitors, this is not very common. The visitors feel that the staff is wonderful, they are knowledgeable and behave professional. Staff at all the location on the property are welcoming and helpful. The staff is experienced and ready to meet the expectations of their guest. Although some guests had problem with maintenance staff and their attitude.


Most of the guests have expressed that the rooms are spacious and bed is very comfortable. Also some rooms have good balconies with beautiful landscape and golf course view. Visitors are provided with good quality linen, glassware and towel. Each room is having beautiful large bathroom, though some guests had problem with quality fixtures in bathroom.

Golf Course:

Golf course is well maintained and many guests have had lot of fun with lot of tee box options. Some of the rooms have view of golf course, the view is very beautiful. There is also outdoor patio next to golf course which many of them have enjoyed. It has beautiful landscape walking path and also dog friendly. Many of them had fantestic golf course experience, it also has one of the best golf shop.

The timings  on golf course are strictly followed, some of the guest have expressed dissatisfaction for not allowing to play beyond the schedule time. If you are thinking of outdoor relaxing than you have to be careful of rogue golf ball. The mini golf is super for kids, it is sure that they will have fun and enjoy their stay. Only problem is the golf course starts very early, so many may like it but for few who want to sleep long may get disturbed by outside noise.

Other facilities at Quail Lodge:

Edgar’s restaurant serves excellent food and craft cocktails. Restaurant staff know the menu and are well experienced to serve. The food at the hotel restaurant is very good and reasonably priced. Guest enjoy lovely breakfast with gorgeous view of fountain. Some of the guest have expressed that the buffet breakfast service is good but otherwise breakfast is not served properly by the staff.

Also there is provision of coffee / tea / microwave in the lobby if you want to have your own outside restaurant breakfast on patio.  Some have complained that the breakfast served was not as mentioned in their magazine advertisement.

There is a pool to get chilled out, most of the guests enjoyed the pool plays. Also there is facility of SPA, many find is to be good. There are some restaurants across the street and also little deli and grocery store. If you are interested in shopping center than your have to travel about 3 miles away at the highway turn off. The staff provides good support for the dog which accompanies you.


It seems that many of the guest, visiting Quail lodge and golf course have really enjoyed their stay. Many of the visitors have given positive reviews although some negatives points are also mentioned but surely these will be improved upon. Best part is that you get to enjoy golf along with staying with nature away from all the noise of the busy city. This could be a good place to renew and refresh yourself. Even if your are not a golfer still you might enjoy your stay because of the beautiful landscape, pool, SPA and luxuries rooms. Hope you have wonderful stay at Quail lodge and enjoy golf course.