Address position in the golf swing

A successful golf swing depends on how exactly you execute some golf mechanics basics, including grip, stance, and ball position. Address position in golf swing is required for achieving a better golf swing, but the problem is that this is a concept which is often overlooked by beginner golfers and also golfer’s that have been playing since many year’s. The fact is if you learn the method to perfect your address position in golf swing, you will realize that your not only are swinging better but you are putting better scores up on the score board.

Address position in golf swing refers to how do you set up your ball when you are planning to take a stroke. When it is about address position in golf swing, you have to pay good attention to where you are keeping your feets , where is the ball, and where are your hands. If you want to learn the correct address position in golf swing and also improve any mistakes that you might be making in address position, check out some of these simple tips.

  • A proper address position in golf swing is the one with good balance. Professional golfer’s have a very good balanced swing from beginning to end. In order to set up the ball with good balance, always maintain a right posture and also sturdy foundation. It will allow you to hit the ball with square club face.
  • Make sure your address position in golf swing have to be the position that you want to be in while you make strike with the ball.
  • When in your address position, ensure that your club face is square at the ball.
  • While addressing the ball, always align your body along your target line. To get this right, imagine that you are watching at yourself from backside of the ball. You desire your shoulder’s and feet’s to be line up along the target line.
  • When set up, your feet’s have to be shoulders size width apart or even slightly more. A wider or narrower stance will have adverse affect your balance.
  • If you are planning of hitting a wedge, then make sure the ball position during this set up should be right in the middle of the stance. While addressing the ball along with a driver, the ball position have to be close to the tip of your out-side foot. The ball position of your iron’s should be at distance in between these 2 position’s – that is closer to your foot while you are hitting long iron and towards the center of your stance in case of shorter irons.
  • Good posture while set up includes knees that are somewhat bent. Also, you may not want to be reaching for ball or actually crowding yourself. So make sure you stand at a comfortable distance with the golf ball.